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About Us

The Comic

Hail is a superhero comic about a woman called Lena who crumbles into shards of glass whenever she has an episode of anxiety. This makes it hard for her to make it through each day without anyone finding out. But every time she falls apart, she learns more about how to move through the glass. When she witnesses a friend being attacked she knows she has to find a way to act.

Itís important to note that the themes of mental illness in this story are based on personal experience. Even among people with the same illness the experience is unique to the individual, so we donít presume to depict a universal experience. But we do hope that Lenaís journey will be partially relatable to any reader.

The Team

Writer/Project Manager:
Miranda Richardson is a writer/director from South Australia, specialising in fantasy and science fiction. She recently completed Honours in Creative Writing at Flinders University with studies based on Western and Japanese comics and metaphors of illness in fantasy. When she's not working on Hail, she works as a part-time hospital ward clerk and exam supervisor. She also enjoys Irish dancing, pole dancing, singing, and drinking oolong tea.

You can find her blog here, and her academic papers here.

Lead Artist:
Rosanna Lam is an aspiring artist who is currently studying a Bachelorís degree in Creative Arts: Digital Media at Flinders University. She aims to develop proficiency in digital media production consisting of multi-media design, illustration, 2D and 3D animation, and screen production, and hopes, that one day, her creations will inspire others. In her spare time, Rosanna likes to read manga and play games to appease her ever-growing interests in comic illustration and game design.

You can find her Deviant Art account here.

Lead Background Artists:
Mala Kerr aims to be inspired and to inspire others with her concept art, illustration, and occasional game design and 3D modelling - she also enjoys reading, cooking, drawing and being a crazy cat person.

You can find her website here.

Tom Murton loves comics, games and burritos, currently studies cool stuff at Flinders University, and plans on one day putting together his own super comic series.

You can find his Deviant Art account here.

  Art Team:
Terri Arnold
Rhianna Carr
Maddy Deane
Christopher Genovese
Sandeson Gonzaga
Sarah Lloyd
Ethan Robertson
Jasmine Woolcock
Luke Bartholomew

Past Hail Artists:
Elaine Cheng
Philippa Lawrie